Writing coach

 What is a writing coach?

OwlJust as athletes, singers and actors have coaches, writers have coaches, too. Why?  To help them:

  • Set meaningful, measurable goals
  • Be held accountable
  • Build on their strengths while working on their weaknesses
  • Stay on track

In addition, a writing coach:

  • Offers editorial feedback on the client’s writing
  • Is an advocate for the client’s writing when life may seem to interfere
  • Provides support and understanding when taking a risk may be the only way to reach a writing goal
  • Acknowledges the challenges of writing while suggesting practical ways to handle them
For more information on my services as a writing coach, call (503) 288-2469 or send an e-mail to nancy@nancy-woods.com. Consultations available in person, by phone, e-mail and combinations of the above.