Book Review: As One Fire Consumes Another

As One Fire Consumes Another

In his collection of poems As One Fire Consumes Another (Orison Books, 2019), Oregon author John Sibley Williams challenges the reader to travel with him as he digs deep into topics both timely and timeless.

Whether Williams is addressing love or war, home or exile, with each line he reveals an intellect driven by a desire for understanding.

By confronting hard truths,

…Not that the dead

won’t still be here in the morning if

we dress their wounds & declare the

world healed.

—”Us & Them”

Williams earns our trust before urging us forward

…the world

is big enough for all our histories.


and reminding us there’s always reason for hope.


stars never leave us, at least not for

long. Yes, like love.

“The Children”

Available at Broadway Books.

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