Kickstarta free, monthly, online newsletter for writers — is filled with useful tips and encouraging articles. Whether you’re just starting out as a writer or have years of writing experience under your belt, Kickstart will inspire you to become the best writer you can be. The newsletter is brought to you by Nancy Woods, a writing instructor/coach who also happens to get a kick out of writing.

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  What readers say about Kickstart:

“I’ve been enjoying your Kickstart newsletter (with its) entertaining and well-written articles about writing, useful tips and thoughts. Hearing from local novice writers who are willing to try things makes me feel more confident and feel less lonely as I struggle with my own writing identity. Thanks!” — A. S.

“I always learn several tips reading it.” — K. E.

“I’ve been receiving your newsletters and find them very professional and just well done. Keep up the great work!” — J. A.

Archive of past newsletters:


Kickstart – Tricia Knoll on poetry | Market feedback | Church advice poem

Kickstart: Gary Rogowski on creativity, Earth Day markets, poem about routine



Kickstart: Tracy Prince on photo histories, flash markets, freedom in nature flash

December 2017


Kickstart: Ernestine Hayes on memoir, writing daily, Camino memoir /November 2017

Kickstart: Rene Denfeld on darkness and hope, unusual fish, break-up flash fiction/ October 2017

Kickstart: Laura Garwood on book editing, creative breakthroughs, “brother-cousin” memoir/September 2017

Kickstart: Willa Schneberg on art and healing, the ellipsis, reflections from an expat in Phnom Penh/July 2017

Kickstart: Shanna Germain on inventing words, markets for memoirists, driving home memoir/June 2017

Kickstart: Catherine Magdalena on memoir, a dark website, Mom goes deer hunting  /  April 2017

Kickstart – James Bash on blogging, inclusive language, rat fantasy story  / March 2017

Kickstart: Sally McPherson on book readings, rejections from editors, hospital fiction  / February 2017

Kickstart: Judith Arcana on radio and poetry, Stafford celebrations, property management essay / January 2017


Kickstart: Margaret Malone, The New Engagement, bathroom flash fiction / December 2016

Kickstart:   Creativity and Lynda Barry, BeLonging anthology, poem about painting  / November 2016

Kickstart: All about writing prompts!  / October 2016

Kickstart: Writing plays, Howard Schneider reading, Costa Rica travel essay  / July 2016

Kickstart – Street fair guidebook, the secondary “I,” an unhappy wife (short story) / June 2016

Writers and the law (Part 2), slow computers, lead vs. led  / May 2016

Kickstart: Writers and the law (Part 1), “which” vs. “that,” running memoir  / April 2016

Kickstart: Kickstart students on writing, wedding engagement essay  / March 2016

Kickstart: Prose poems, Gina Williams, nature park prose poem  / February 2016

Kickstart: Microfiction, Clara Ray Rusinek Klein, relationship short story  / January 2016


Kickstart: Title: Bart King, goals, [a place for writers], children’s story  / December 2015

Kickstart: Travel writing, foreign terms, Morocco story  /  November 2015

Kickstart – Writing ideas, behind the newsletter, interior monologue, river poem  /  October 2015

Kickstart – Odd couples, Timberline Review, (semi-)colons, & a senior superhero story  /  August – September 2015

Kickstart: Clichés, Brian Doyle, punctuating quotes, & personal ad memoir  /  July 2015

Kickstart: Prepping your book, summer classes, & farm memoir  /  June 2015

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