Under the Influence of Tall Trees

Under the Influence of Tall Trees: Humorous From A Pacific Northwest Writer by Nancy Woods

In this collection of true stories, Nancy Woods describes the humorous side of life in the Pacific Northwest.

You can purchase digital copies ( ebook or Kindle versions) from my online store   OR   order a paperback from Amazon.


I used to be a fair-weather gardener. I gardened half-heartedly on the weekends if the weather was nice by which I mean slightly overcast but not rainy, drizzly or muggy. I gardened between seven and seven-fifteen in the morning if the ambient temperature was no cooler than 70 and no warmer than 73 and only then if there was no wind and the pollen count was low, which meant I’d just about get one coreopsis plant deadheaded or get one sprawling tomato plant staked and it would be time to call it a day. — “The Leery, Weary Gardener”

Hardware stores are places where we can forget our big problems — excess body weight, crime in the streets or a runaway child — and replace them with life’s more manageable difficulties — a rusty bathtub drain plug or broken space heater. A hardware store is nothing less than a hospital for physical complaints, one where the medicines are screen-door chain, light bulbs and chicken wire.
— “Is There a Doctor in the Store?”

There’s something so cheerful, so friendly and unassuming about trains. Unlike planes — which can seem distant, even standoffish at the end of their long, cold terminal corridors — trains chug right up to you and stand there trembling, urging you to step aboard. — “The Nitty Gritty of Train Travel”

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