Inspiration: Prioritize

In the August 21, 2011 issue of the Oregonian, singer Wynonna Judd is quoted as saying “…pick two or three things per day that are a priority. You don’t prioritize your schedule; you schedule your priorities — and whatever those are, you make those happen.”

When it comes to your writing, what are your priorities?

Where do you write?

This is where I write. -- Photo by Nancy Woods

Some writers enjoy writing in busy coffee shops. Others work at a kitchen table or in a spare bedroom. I write in an office near my home.  The space works for me because it’s orderly without being fussy and functional without being too formal. 
Is your work space serving you well? If not, how could you improve it? If you’re not producing as much writing as you would like, take a look at your writing space. Changing it, can make a big difference.