Bookstore: Broadway Books

I strongly recommend the small, independent bookstore Broadway Books at 1714 N.E. Broadway in Portland, Oregon. Owners Roberta Dyer and Sally McPherson undertand and value books. Here’s one of their upcoming events:

Tuesday April 27 at 7 pm – A whole slew of local poets will descend on the store to read from Kalashnikov in the Sun: An Anthology of Sierra Leonean Poets edited by Kirsten Rian. This amazing collection gives voice to a country long troubled by war. Here, we see the writers, poets and truth-tellers express their anguish and longing for peace and healing. Each poet will read a poem from the book as well as one of his/her own. Besides Kirsten, we will welcome the following poets: Judith Arcana, Sharon Wood Wortman, Clem Starck, Paulann Petersen, Barbara LaMorticella, Rich Wandschneider, Paul Merchant, Willa Schneberg, John Morrison, Carlos Reyes, Nancy Flynn, Lisa Nasshan, Sue Einowski, Michael Achterman, and Sean McGillis.

For their blog, go here:

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