Writing process: Keep on keepin’ on

Writing often requires a long-time commitment to the craft. Here are some tips on how to keep writing:

  • Find a writing buddy. Meet every week at a coffee shop and write for an hour.
  • Join a writing group in which members sign up to read their writing on specific dates.
  • Take a writing class.
  • Work with a writing coach. Set up weekly goals and check-ins.
  • Read inspirational books about people who reached their goals.
  • Uncover your passion – the kinds of writing and topics you really want to work on.
  • Instead of setting aside a certain time to write, set aside a certain time to do something specific, such as: “draft that scene in the library” or “research polar bears.”
  • Expect intrusions. Plan ahead for them. Know ahead of time what you’re going to do when they happen.
  • Take commitments to yourself seriously.
  • Reward yourself after you write.
  • Find ways to write in the midst of life. There will always be something else to do. Some people respond by not writing at all or writing rarely or occasionally or only when a large amount of time opens up. Get used to writing for short but regular amounts of time.
  • Refuse to wait for the right moment. Take time to write.
  • Set achievable, measurable goals. (I’ll write for 2 hours twice this week).
  • Break large writing goals into small goals.
  • Go public with your goal (Post it on a blog or tell your friends).
  • Join an online writing group.
  • Find a support system of people who value writing.

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