Tales from the Parenting Front: A Writing Class for Parents

You’ve seen it all, from your child’s first smile to her first full-out, in-store, temper tantrum. The highs and lows, joys and disappointments of parenting are endless and make great stories. So isn’t it time you wrote your parenting experiences down? Whether you’re interested in writing essays, stories or articles, whether you want to get published or just write for yourself, writing about your parenting experiences will make sure they’re never forgotten.

During Tales from the Parenting Front, a 5-week writing class for parents, students use in-class writing prompts to get started and then set weekly goals, read their work aloud and receive positive, helpful feedback from the instructor and other students. The class will meet Mondays from November 8 through December 6, 7-9 p.m., in the Hollywood District of Northeast Portland. The class is designed for beginning to intermediate writers. The exact class location is provided upon registration. Cost is $125 for the 5-week session.

For more information, to register or receive Kickstart, a free e-newsletter for writers: Contact Nancy Woods at (503) 288-2469, wordpics@aracnet.com, http://www.nancy-woods.com.

About the Instructor: A parent of a grown daughter, Nancy Woods (M.A., Journalism, University of Oregon) is a freelance writer/editor and writing instructor/coach whose essays and articles have been read on Oregon Public Radio and published in the Oregonian, Portland Tribune, katu.com, Northwest Palate, Oregon Home, Oregon Humanities and Oregon Quarterly.

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