Kickstart students kickstart second anthology

Last Friday, several Kickstart Your Writing students met to discuss their upcoming anthology. The part-planning, part-social event was held at the home of Kathy Eaton. Other participants included Kathy Lillis, Jamie Caulley, Sarah Retzer, Michael Cannarella, Catherine Magdalena and June Selis.

Jamie Caulley and Kathy Eaton


Catherine Magdalena and June Selis


Sarah Retzer and Michael Cannarella


Kathy Lillis


Yet to be titled, the collection of writing will be the second anthology produced by Kickstart students. The first Kickstart anthology, titled Journeys to the Edge, includes stories about everything from a wacky, drug-induced break-in to a funny medical mission to El Salvador.

The Friday social event included a lively discussion about possible themes as well as food and drink, including a bottle of red wine aptly called Subplot.

The tentative release date for the new anthology is early 2012. Stay tuned.

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