Where do you write?

This is where I write. -- Photo by Nancy Woods

Some writers enjoy writing in busy coffee shops. Others work at a kitchen table or in a spare bedroom. I write in an office near my home.  The space works for me because it’s orderly without being fussy and functional without being too formal. 
Is your work space serving you well? If not, how could you improve it? If you’re not producing as much writing as you would like, take a look at your writing space. Changing it, can make a big difference. 

6 thoughts on “Where do you write?

  1. C.B. Wentworth says:

    I have a lovely writing space in an extra bedroom at home, but I never use it. I find I have to almost treat writing like its another job. Just like my day job, I have to go somewhere to complete the task and come home at the end of a work session. A quiet table at coffee shop inside of a book store does the trick! 🙂


  2. Claudia Palmira says:

    I have several writing spaces. One is my studio, which is set up for graphics and art, but serves also for my writing.
    The other, where I admit I do most of my writing, is at home on my laptop. The ‘space’ is not my own corner just yet, but rather the dining table, the heart of the home. I can write while my son is playing with the babysitter, my husband is milling around, traffic passing on the street. I don’t mind the flow of activity, it actually helps me concentrate! This might be the New Yorker in me, impervious to everpresent background noise.
    I carry a slim journal with me at all times, for whenever inspiration hits, and can find myself writing in cafès, trains or airports.


    • kickstartyourwriting says:

      Hi, Claudia – Your comment reminded me that I carry 3×5 cards around with me. They’re small, which means I can stick them in my pocket and car. They’re stiff, so easy to write on. I use them to jot down ideas.


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