Reading: Who’s Your Family?

Kickstart students to give readings from  Who’s Your Family? 

Kickstart Your Writing students will read from their recently released anthology Who’s Your Family? at two upcoming readings:
After each reading, the writers will be available to answer questions.  The anthology, a diverse collection of humorous and emotional essays, includes:
  • An essay about how the divorce of a young girl’s parents led to a special bond with her dad and the great outdoors.
  • A fictional story about a lonely teenager who spends an idyllic summer on Grandma’s farm. What could possibly happen?
  • A funny essay about a woman who channels Aunt Bee while coping with young neighbors in a contemporary condo complex.
  •  All the writers chose to write about their unique and challenging family experiences, whether based on real life or fantasy. Writers revealed learning tough life lessons along the way.

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