Writing event: Willamette Writers meeting May 7, Portland Oregon

Jennie Shortridge and Erica Bauermeister to Speak at Willamette Writers

May 7, 2013, 7pm The Old Church 1422 SW 11th Ave.
“Different Paths, Same Journey”

Northwest authors Jennie Shortridge and Erica Bauermeister will speak about the varying paths a writer can follow to reach their creative destinations. Shortridge initially focuses on character development—their past and desires—and lets the dialogue, story, and plot grow from there; while Bauermeister will be struck by an image that becomes a story, though one not necessarily written in order since her plots develop structure over time.

Both from Seattle, Jennie Shortridge is the author of Love Water Memory, while Erica Bauermeister recently published The Lost Art of Mixing. Shortridge is a founding member of Seattle7Writers.org, a collective of authors devoted to community literary projects in the Northwest. Bauermeister received a PhD in literature from the University of Washington and taught for several years. For more information, visit their websites at http://www.jennieshortridge.com and http://www.ericabauermeister.com.


Nancy Woods

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