Writing retreat: Write, read and have fun

I just returned from leading a writer’s retreat at Menucha Retreat and Conference Center east of Portland, Oregon. Seven writers and I spent three days writing, reading and having fun. We spent our mornings writing and our afternoons sharing our work and receiving feedback. In addition, we took walks in the countryside and enjoyed the delicious home-style cooking provided by the friendly Menucha staff. In the evenings, we played card and board games.

Here’s what the participants liked about the retreat:

  • The blocks of time to write. — Janine Robben
  • There’s something about being with other writers that’s inspirational. We got much more done because we don’t have to make the food. — Jamie Caulley
  • A block of time out of my own house where I always get distracted or make an excuse. — Mark Robben
  • I like the social part of it, being with other writers. The structure works — writing in the morning and reading in the afternoon. — Catherine Magdalena
  • Getting out of town. — Ann Sihler
  • I feel like this jumpstarted me and got me back on track. I’d lost steam and momentum. I think I got a new direction. — Dave King
  • Having a deadline. The group of people is so good. Such a great match. — Kerry McPherson

Dave King 4x Mark Robben 4x Playing games 4xAnn Sihler and Kerry McPherson write in the Greenhouse photo by Dave KingNancy Woods and Mark Robben in GreenhouseJanine Robben and Jamie Caulley in Greenhouse

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