Thanks, Cirque


Words matter. Editors matter. I was reminded of that when editors Sandra L. Kleven and Michael Burwell gave my poem a special mention on the From the Editors page of the current issue of Cirque. Sandra and Michael correctly referred to my submission as a “cautionary poem.” Here’s an excerpt:

Let’s pretend we’re drowning
Because there will be no tomorrow
If we don’t save each other today

Thanks to fine editors everywhere, especially those at Cirque. As a writer, there’s nothing more worthwhile than to have one’s work valued and understood.



2 thoughts on “Thanks, Cirque

  1. Elizabeth Menche says:

    Thanks Nancy,

    It’s a great poem.

    Would you like some of my Poetry magazines? I’d be happy to pass them on to you.

    I’m really appreciative and pleased with the suggestion you give me for revisions. They make a huge difference and help me move forward better. Just by typing in the changes my mind gets used to better ways to phrase sentences, etc. It’s makes a difference in how I feel. After I type in your suggestions, I move to my new material with a more determined and optimistic attitude. I know I’m getting better at writing.

    Thanks again, Elizabeth >


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