Hooked On Antifreeze

Hooked on Antifreeze: True Tales About Loving and Leaving Alaska  by Nancy Woods

HookedOnAntifreezeCover_webIn this collection of stories, poems, and photographs, Nancy Woods reveals her life-long affection for Alaska.

You can purchase digital copies ( ebook or Kindle versions) from my online store   OR   order a paperback from Amazon.

An excerpt:
“You’ll never get Alaska out of you,” a man who’d spent a lot of time in the Far North once told me; and that man was right. Living in Alaska feels like a straight shot of vodka, which means residing anywhere else smacks of weak lemonade and may be one of the reasons why I’ve made so many trips back to Fairbanks, where I was born and raised. Like a dog hooked on antifreeze, I keep going back. Today I live in Portland, Oregon, but even in this temperate climate, the East wind can blow down the Columbia River Gorge, stinging my ears and bringing back memories of Fairbanks. Once frostbitten, your body never forgets.”

Nancy Woods was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, where she divides her time between working as the editor of a community newspaper and missing Alaska.

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